August 23, 2020 Brad Wesley




What a week this has been. Let me back track for a minute. I was scheduled to preach revival at Old Lea Bethel Baptist Church in May of 2020 but Covid 19 had other plans. We put it on hold until this week and I’m sure glad that we did because God had a purpose and a plan that wouldn’t have happened in May. But God knew.

Every night of revival we witnessed people making decisions for Christ. Hands were raised, and tears were shed, and Jesus was glorified. On Tuesday of revival week, we lost a dear friend in Christ, Erika Rising. She no longer has to battle cancer, she is now completely healed in Heaven. She is totally revived and alive.

As revival came to a close on Wednesday night, we witnessed the biggest breakthrough yet. As the invitation was given, young people and older people alike, flooded the alter and prayer team. One older gentleman in particular, who had been in an almost fatal accident, came down front and professed he had harbored a hatred in his heart long enough. Since his accident he had been unable to let go of the anger towards the person who caused the accident. On Wednesday night, he finally let it go. Forgiveness set him free.

If we are going to see true revival then we must be willing to let the spirit lead us to the breakthrough. The breakthrough of sin, the breakthrough of anger, the breakthrough of depression and on and on. Every one of us needs this breakthrough experience so we can break through to Jesus.

What area of life do you need to experience a breakthrough? What do you need to let of go of so that you can experience true revival?

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to be with the fine folks at Old Lea Bethel Baptist Church. I want to give a big thank you to Pastor Richard Rorrer for the invitation. I don’t know where revival might break out next, but it sure broke out in Frogsboro NC.

Blessings to you all.