The Family of God

Here at F.I.T. Community Church, we want you to know that your are valued here. From the moment you step foot on our campus we consider you family. We are not trying to build a membership database, we are trying to build the family of God. We want you to consider this place your church home. No membership dues required. Starting in 2021 since we don’t have traditional membership, you won’t be able to “join” the church as a “member” – but we invite you to become part of the fabric of our family. Our hope is that you will join us in serving our community, gather in small groups, inviting other people to church, and giving to the health and vitality of your church home. If you are up for these things then you are considered one of our family members. If you would like us to send a transfer of membership letter to your church, we would love to help you with that.